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Business Online Banking Upgrade

Effective Saturday, November 18, we made several important enhancements so your online banking experience will be even better. And rest assured! Lots of the things you love about ESL Business Online Banking will remain absolutely in place.

Click through the tabs below to better understand what to expect.

If there’s a question you have that’s not covered here, please let us know. We’re available during normal business hours by phone at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265 or via Live Chat Banking.

  • Upgrade Overview

    Here’s what to expect:

    The upgrade will take place on Saturday, November, 18, from 2 to 7 p.m. EST. We’ll work as fast as we can to complete the upgrade, however you will not be able to access Business Online Banking for several hours on that day. (We apologize in advance for that inconvenience.)

    Here are some important things for you to know:

    • New page layouts and features add flexibility to how you view your accounts on the home and account detail pages.
    • New functionality for Quick Transfers right from the home page.
    • Pending transactions are now displayed on the account detail pages.
    • New settings within account preferences and online activity pages give you more options for selecting what you want to see in your account views.

    In addition:

    • Login procedures and credentials do not change, however, the URL name for the login page for Business Online Banking has been changed as part of the upgrade efforts. This does not change your experience if you typically log in from the ESL home page, However, if you have bookmarked the login page, you must create a new bookmark for the updated login URL.
      • New URL:
    • Your mobile banking experience will also be updated with these enhancements and depending on your mobile device’s settings, your device will automatically be upgraded or you can download the new versions manually.
    • For customers using Touch ID, you will need to re-enroll your thumbprint.
    • All nicknames you’ve assigned will remain in place.
    • Any scheduled transfers and payment you have set up will process normally.
    • Bill Pay information, including for payees and any scheduled payments, is not affected.

    For Business Banking customers using ACH & Wire Services, we have also updated User Guides for those services:

  • Home Page Changes

    The first change you’ll notice is the layout for the home page:





    The new “tile” format provides a clean, easy to view look and more flexibility and functionality. Each “tile” can be dragged and dropped so accounts can display in the order you’d like.


    Each “Tile” will include both available and current balance information.



    You can also create “Groups” so your accounts can be organized by similar account types. Do this by clicking on the “Tile” to drag; you’ll see a “File Drawer” appear at the bottom of the page. Drag the “Tile” into the “File Drawer,” name the group and click on the check mark to complete the action.


    Added actions within the account “tile” provides “View Activity” and “Quick Transfer” capabilities so you can perform these functions without leaving the home page

  • Account Detail Changes

    We’ve also made enhancements to the Account Detail screen — adding Pending Transaction information and updating the layout of the Account Detail information &mdash making it even more intuitive and easy to access account transaction information.

    Pending Transaction Information

    Account detail information for checking accounts will be updated to show pending transaction information for Debit Card and Check Hold transactions. This additional information helps you reconcile between current and available balance information.

    Pending transactions are differentiated with a red “Pending” in the date column. Once the transaction has been fully processed, the “Pending” status in the Date column will change to reflect the date the transaction has actually cleared your account.


    More Account Detail Changes

    Current View:


    New View:



  • More Changes

    We’ve added more functionality additions to the Online Activity and Account Preferences sections; giving you more flexibility in how can you view your account information.

    Online Activity:
    1. Click on the Online Activity option in the right hand navigation to open up your Online Activity view.
    2. Select a Transaction Type and you’ll see additional filter options are displayed.
    3. Select up to six options and click “Apply” button to customize your Online Activity view.


    Account Preferences


    1. Select the accounts you want to appear on your Home Page view by using the “Visible/Hidden” option within Account Preferences (See “Settings” option on the left hand navigation.)
    2. Click on the account you’d like to “hide” and change the Visibility option to “Hidden.” The account is not displayed on your Home Page and is found at the bottom of the account list on the Account Preference page under “Hidden Accounts.”
    3. To return the account to your Home Page view, just reselect “Visible” from the Visibility option.
  • FAQs

    Even little changes to your Business Online Banking experience can feel like a big deal, so we know you’re bound to have questions. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you stay informed throughout the transition.


    Whether it’s in person, online, or by mobile, your experience with ESL is our top priority. That’s why we are committed to making sure we always put our best foot forward. And that means taking the opportunity to make improvements when we can.

    Most of the enhancements affect “behind the scenes” administration functionality on ESL’s side. For you, the upgrade will provide several mostly cosmetic changes that will improve your experience. This includes updated, easier to read home page and account detail information.

    Yes, the upgrade will take place on Saturday, November 18, from 2 to 7 p.m. EST. During that time, access to Business Online Banking will not be available.

    The URL name for the login page for Business Online Banking has been changed as part of the upgrade efforts. This does not change your experience if you typically login in from the ESL home page, However, if you have bookmarked the login page, you will want to create a new bookmark for the updated login URL:


    As part of the upgrade, you will need to re-enroll your thumbprint.

    No. All scheduled transactions will process normally.

    No. There will be no changes to your login credentials or to the login procedure.

    No. If you have assigned nicknames to your accounts, those nicknames will remain in place after the upgrade.

    No. Any report you’ve created will continue to be available.

    No, all scheduled payments or scheduled account transfers are not affected by this upgrade. They will continue to process as you have arranged them.

    No, all templates for wire and ACH transactions are unaffected.

    No. The upgrade does not affect Bill Pay information, including payee information and any payments you may have scheduled.

    The new look for the home page and account detail information will carry over to your mobile banking experience. Depending on your mobile device’s settings, your device will automatically be upgraded or you can download the new versions manually. All other features and functionalities remain the same.