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Business Online Banking Transition Information

Consider this page your dedicated online resource with up-to-date details and information about the Business Online Banking transition. Everything you need to know to help you transition smoothly will be right here.

For questions before, during, and after the conversion, contact us at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265 or use chat banking.

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  • What's New/Same

    What's New

    You’ll notice a difference right away. Not only does the new look and feel appear fresh and modern, the new design really simplifies how you bank online.


    • Two-part login makes Business Online Banking easier right from the start.
    • New interface is simple, easy to read, and clearly displays the information you need. 
    • Home page puts account information front and center.
    • Intuitive navigation makes completing your tasks easier.
    • Just a few clicks to access a wide variety of online banking functions.
    • Responsive design adjusts for optimum experience on your desktop, laptop, and tablet.

    What Stays the Same

    We know you’ll appreciate the enhancements the new Business Online Banking provides; we also know you’ll appreciate what remains the same:

    • Nicknames you have established for your accounts will carry over.
    • Any users you may have set up will convert as will their entitlements.
    • Bill Pay has received a few cosmetic changes, but all payees and recurring payments will remain the same.
  • Extra Help

    From logging in for the first time, to understanding what’s new and what stays the same, to step-by-step instructions for using Cash Management Services, these tools will help make you an expert in using the new ESL Business Online Banking in no time!

  • Secure Access Code

    Keeping the information within ESL Business Online Banking secure is always priority one — for you — and for ESL.

    Employing a multi-factor authentication method for enhanced security, the new Business Online Banking will use a Secure Access Code as a way to authenticate you when signing in from an unregistered device. Replacing “Challenge Questions,” it also makes it easier (but still secure) to sign in when you enter your password incorrectly.

    Because this method uses your User ID, Password, AND your device when authenticating you as an authorized user, it will require that you enter a Secure Access Code (sent via text, email, or voice call) as part of your login experience when signing in with an unregistered device. As part of your initial login, you will be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code and then register your device. Once your device is registered, you will not be prompted to receive and enter a Secure Access Code at subsequent logins. Register your device only if you are the sole user of the device; if it is a shared device with multiple users, we recommend that you opt not to register it and enter a Secure Access Code at each login.

    Click here for First-Time Login Instructions

  • FAQs

    Updating Business Online Banking is a big deal, so we know you’re bound to have questions. We’ve pulled together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers as a way to help you stay informed throughout the transition.

    Naturally, if there’s a question you have that’s not here, please let us know! Just contact us at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265 or use chat banking.

    Business Online Banking First-Time Login Troubleshooting:

    I am being prompted to enter my password. Should I use the same password I’ve used with the old Business Online Banking?

    Yes, use the same password you’ve been using. You will be prompted to create and reconfirm a new password during your initial login. This password must meet the following criteria:

    • Password must be at least six characters long.
    • Password can be no more than 50 characters long.
    • Password must contain a minimum of one number.
    • Password must contain a minimum of one lower case character.
    • Password must contain a minimum of one upper case character.

    I want to receive my Secure Access Code via text, but don’t see a phone number listed. How can I add it?

    As part of your initial login experience, your Secure Access Code will be delivered only to the contact information on file within our current online banking system. Once you have signed in successfully, you can add or edit Secure Access Code delivery methods by clicking Administration from the left navigation, selecting Security Preferences, and clicking Secure Access Code Delivery.

    I received a message that says “my Secure Access Code is invalid, has expired, or my account has been disabled.” What went wrong?

    • If you opt to receive your Secure Access Code via text, use the number that appears in the message portion of the text, not the number from which the text is sent.
    • If you requested the Secure Access Code more than once, use the Secure Access Code you received last. For example, if you first requested it be sent to an email address but then went back and requested it be sent by text, use the number sent to you via text.
    • Each Secure Access Code is unique and is only valid for about 15 minutes. If you’re not able to enter the Secure Access Code within that time period, you will need to request a new one to be sent.
    When my Secure Access Code didn’t come immediately to my email, I requested another one to be sent as text. Which one should I use?
    Use the Secure Access Code via the delivery method you requested most recently.

    I waited too long to enter my Secure Access Code, and now I can’t seem to sign in. What do I do?

    The Secure Access Code is valid for only about 15 minutes. If you’ve “timed out,” just press the back button to begin again.

    I used the “back” button. Now what?

    • Pressing the back button when asked to “Select a delivery method” will return you to the initial login screen. Just enter your User ID and Password to begin again.
    • Pressing the back button when asked to “Enter your Secure Access Code” BEFORE you have entered a code will return you to the “Select a delivery method” screen. Select a delivery method and enter the code you receive next.
    Can I reuse a Secure Access Code?
    No, every time you’re prompted to receive a Secure Access Code, you’ll be sent a new, unique number.

    Will I have to sign in with a Secure Access Code every time?

    No, once you have signed in for the first time and have registered a device, you will not be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code. You will be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code under these circumstances only:

    • At initial login for a specific device (computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile).
    • When using an unregistered device.
    • When using a different browser.
    • When “cookies” are cleared from your device.
    What does it mean when it asks me to “register my device?”
    The new Business Online Banking system features a Secure Access Code security feature that keeps your accounts safe by adding another layer of security. This multi-layer authentication verifies your login by validating User ID, Password, device, and browser before providing access. Feel free to register a device when you are the sole user (like your own computer at work or your tablet, etc.). This will allow you to bypass the Secure Access Code process for future logins. Do not register a device that has shared access.
    Can I register more than one device?
    Yes, you can register multiple devices (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile). You will need to repeat the initial login process for each device.
  • Mobile

    With the same look and feel as Business Online Banking, ESL Business Mobile Banking gives you instant access to your accounts even when you’re away from your desk.

    • Responsive design for use on your smartphone and/or tablet.
    • Easy to use, intuitive navigation makes banking tasks simple and fast:
      • Check balances and review recent account activity
      • View transactions and payment history
      • Make payments and transfers to and from ESL accounts
      • Pay bills with Bill Pay
      • View check images
      • Access Cash Management services
      • Find branches and ATMs
    • Log in using your Business Online Banking User ID and Password.
    • With ESL Business Mobile Deposit, you can use your mobile device to capture an image of your checks.

    Add ESL Business Mobile Banking to your mobile device and take access to your accounts with you wherever you go. Apps are available to download:

Members must be ESL Business Online Banking users to use Business Mobile Banking. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc. Business Mobile Deposit is available for iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM smartphones. Text and/or data plan fees from mobile device service providers may apply.

Want to Learn More?

Check out these short, instructional videos highlighting how to perform key features and functions within our Business Online and Mobile Banking services: